The Morphology of War (2017)

The project won the Audience Award at the 2019 MUHi Young Ukrainian Artists exhibition organized by the Shcherbenko Art Centre and the Taras Shevchenko National Museum in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Morphology of War focuses on the idea that each society gives birth to its own monsters. In times of conflict, they procreate. A friend changes his shape and becomes an enemy – unfamiliar, ridiculous, and potentially dangerous. He experiences severe morphological changes. Collective unconscious influenced by mass media propaganda produces ideological “monsters” embodied by real people. This project is an ironic reflection of the ugliness of an armed conflict that distorts the image and the content with its aggression but it is also an exploration of how deeply these destructive instincts are rooted in the visual culture. A viewer is a witness of this Saturnalia, in its initial carnivorous impulse. The continuous line of monsters is reminiscent of the symbolism of the dans macabre taken by Ingmar Bergman for the conclusion of his film The Seventh Seal.

Most of the images were taken from European illuminated manuscripts and bestiaries and reinterpreted in the medium of digital large-scale graphics. The absurdity of history does not change with centuries. It is invoked by particular political events, from the war in Ukraine to the terrorist threats in Europe, the Syrian crisis, and the drug conflicts in Mexico. In the context of global fear, this project is called to reflect the initial grotesqueness of any kind of armed conflict or political tensions.

The Morphology of War has already been presented in Ukraine and Mexico and has gathered significant media attention. Two solo exhibitions took place at the National Centre of Arts in Mexico City in May 2017 and the Museo Taller Erasto Cortes in Puebla, Mexico, in February–June 2017. Some works from the project were included in the exposition at the 5th International Odesa Biennale in August–September 2017.

Publications about The Morphology of War

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Radio interviews

CautivArte No.70 (09.05.2017):

Así Lo Dijo Duchamp No. 177 (12.05.2017):

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